Forest Park South BA — how we’re making an impact in the area.

Since the foundation of the business association, FPSBA has contributed to the funding and implementation of multiple projects, improving the community and establishing their commitment.

What we do . . .

  • Serve as a representative for businesses in community planning and improvement projects
  • Plan future growth and development of the district
  • Support and fund community events
  • Serve as an advocate for members
  • Encourage fellowship among business owners
  • Assist various charity work

What we’ve done . . .

  • Contributed to funding and implementation of Grove entry marker on Manchester Avenue
  • Oakland Avenue way-finding and public infrastructure improvements
  • Receipt of $2.2 million streetscape improvement for Manchester Avenue
  • Receipt of $1.5 million pedestrian lighting for Manchester Avenue
  • Establishment of Prohibitive Use legislation for Forest Park Southeast area
  • Receipt of $45,000 MoDOT marketing grant
  • Receipt of $18,000 City of St. Louis commercial façade grant

What we offer . . .

  • Networking and information sharing
  • Direct line of communication with government officials and public services
  • Representation on numerous boards and committees within service area
  • Influence regarding grants for neighborhood improvement and development
  • Business listing on website and marketing publications
  • Invitation to sponsored events

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